Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Coming to an American base near you…

Seems the Wahhabi breed of the alien species next door have their eyes set on Bahrain, and their very own Ansar Alislam Group (Bin Ladin spin-off enterprise) are now expanding their market base to include our beloved country. They will be opening a new branch in Bahrain very soon, check out their very own website. Apparantly to mark this opening they will hold an unforgettable launch party that will rock Bahrain (literally) and includes such delights as a few car bombs and suicide attacks. Those on the hit list:

-American ambassador’s residence
-hotels and other entertainment venues
-shopping malls
-oil pipelines
-University of Bahrain

UoB, what the hell is that doing on there?? Maybe they mean UCB…watch out Strav…And why isn’t the fifth fleet mentioned?? Naaaah, this is way too dodgy.

I wouldn’t take this threat too seriously. But just the thought of such an attack on Bahraini soil, I mean the country is soo small that a bomb might just dislodge it from the sea bed and what remains of the island might start floating into the Indian ocean.

I finally figured out how to watch the BBC's documentary called The Power of Nightmares online. Its a 3-part series, exploring the philosophical, historical and contemporay context behind the way we view Global_Terror. It is highly controversial as it claims that Al-Qaeda is a myth and looks into the philosophies of Leo Strauss the spiritual godfather of the neocons in the Whitehouse to explain what drives the US's foreign policy. Check it out for yourselves and check out the tonnes of reviews online. A program definitly worth watching though.

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Posted by BB @ 11/09/2004 09:20:00 PM

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Just can't hold back your HATRED for Americans can you? "Coming to An American Base Near You" is your headline YET there is no mention of an attack on the 5th fleet. Don't forget these "ALIENS" as you call them are of the same breed that you seem to LOVE to support in Bahrain? Is it because these "ALIENS" come from the wrong side of the PIER and aren't the local kind you support?

You are a confused person it seems. Yet entertaining.

PS Have you recovered from Nov 2nd yet or do you need another 50BD massage to work the stress out?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11/09/2004 10:28:00 PM #

Cheers mate...

Here we go again... why do u insist on scorning the messenger?? ITS NOT ME threatening the Americans, and I never blamed Americans for our home-grown problems. It seems u the one with the problem darling... is it the shawarma cravings again??

Posted by Blogger Bahrania @ 11/09/2004 10:39:00 PM #

Is it any surprise that this threat coincides with the release of the terror suspects?

Its obvious that as soon as they were out of prison and reached home they're busy on the net coming up with this; either that or they're looking for obscure porn - I seem to remember the last time they were released they were claiming that the government had posted their faces all over porn sites on the web, raising the question: how did they find out?

Posted by Blogger Scorpio @ 11/09/2004 10:49:00 PM #

The Shawarma cravings are from the other guy. You have a track record of supporting "the beards" Which is YOUR right. The "BEARDS" want nothing MORE than to limit the very freedoms you seem to enjoy so much. So take a step back and look at things from a RATIONAL and LOGICAL approach and then see how your emotions apply. One thing we can agree on (I hope) is that these "ALIENS" stay the hell away from Bahrain.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11/09/2004 11:23:00 PM #

Hey guy

How about taking a chill pill? Headlining the list of targets was the residence of the US Ambassador. I believe the State Department will be VERY interested in seeing how that develops.

Perhaps you have forgotten the Khobar Towers bombing. Perhaps you have forgotten how Al Qaeda's grand strategy is to remove US involvement in the Gulf and then take on the current regimes in their exposed and vulnerable status without American protection.

This is Free Speech, when we can look at anything and learn from the threat so as to counter it. I'm glad that Bahraniat put this up so people are aware that Al Qaeda will bully anyone it can.

Posted by Blogger Desert Island Boy @ 11/10/2004 04:19:00 PM #

Leave it to the BBC to "SEXUP" a show that claims Al Qaeda is a myth.. Then it shouldn't surprise anyone that the BBC would do this. So tell us in your words of wisdom at your advanced age of around 21 how much of the show did you believe? After all the theme of the show seems to be AL QAEDA doesn't exsist. So who was responsable for 9-11?? A bunch of pissed off clowns from Southern Methodist Uiversity?

Posted by Blogger shawarmaboy @ 11/10/2004 05:27:00 PM #

"This is Free Speech, when we can look at anything and learn from the threat so as to counter it. I'm glad that Bahraniat put this up so people are aware that Al Qaeda will bully anyone it can."

Desert, thats if there's such a group as Al-Qaeda that exists.. :D..... anywayz i sure am glad that Bahraniat posted it..... seems like the next generation doesn't give a rat's a$$ abt censorship online... which is the right way to go around it.... speakin yo mind out that is! :-)

Posted by Blogger Angelo Embuldeniya (Strav) @ 11/19/2004 06:44:00 AM #
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