Thursday, November 04, 2004

Collective depression

Still coming to terms with seeing Bush for four more years, as I join the rest of the world in collective depression.

If there is such a thing as collective depression, then the circumstances of the election are just right to encourage it. At least the scandal in Florida four years ago gave people something to focus on; there was a battle to be raged. This time, despite some lingering uncertainty over the final result in Ohio, there isn't the consolation of injustice, of having someone to blame. Depression is not a very focused thing and yesterday's mood was universal only in that it allowed people to group their individual reasons for cheerlessness around the huge disappointment of the election result...there was a unified sense yesterday morning that the prospect of having Bush back in business made all the small, crap things in one's life worse.

Woke up this mornin', got the election blues - Guardian

Posted by Bahrania @ 11/04/2004 02:58:00 PM

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You need to get over who America votes for and fast. It is not your issue. Bahrain has ENOUGH issues being new to the DEMOCRATIC fold for you to direct your energies towards. "W" is the President and that is the way it is. Work on improving Bahrain, SOMETHING you can control, than wallowing in a self induced collective depression that in reality should not concern you in the manner you claim. The American public spoke, LOUDLY for "W" and that is that. You and I are not going to change it. Accept it, deal with it and move on.

Ask yourself not what Bahrain can do for you but what can YOU do for Bahrain????? Quit blaming the Americans for all or most of your problems when in fact it isn't true. You talk the talk but in the end you can't walk the walk. You dream of utopia but none as existed since The Garden of Eden. You want you 50 BD spa session and in the same breath complain about poverty in your neighborhood. Well, I have been in the villages and I have seen the "poverty" in Bahrain. There is some yes, but not in the magnitude you inspire. Seems to be lots of cars and satellite dishes and most seem to have cell phones in EVERY little village I go through.

There will ALWAYS be a certain percentage of ANY population that is poor. There will always be a certain percentage that gravitate towards addictions of drugs and alcohol. I don't like it but it is a fact.

Now it is time for me to travel through a village or two and head to Burgerland for a shawarma or two or three..........

Posted by Blogger shawarmaboy @ 11/04/2004 06:33:00 PM #
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