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Not the promised land thankfully

I bet no one knew that Bahrain was nominated as a potential Jewish homeland before Palestine was even suggested in the Balfour Treaty of 1917. No this is no April Fool's joke. This revelation comes in a book called "Bahrain and the Palestinian Issue 1917-1948" by Bahraini author Khalid Bassam.

Had history taken a different course, Bahrainis would not exist as a people under occupation, or displaced across the Arabian peninsula and Iran. It could have just as easily been us now bombing ourselves into oblivion *cringe*.

Funny this news comes on the same day that Bahrainis celebrate Black Saturday when Bani Jamra came under seige and people were shot dead. This may sound extreme, but for a long time people have made a comparison between the Israeli government and Alkhalifa on policies of discrimination (apartheid), demographic change and the use of live ammunition against unarmed protestors.

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I was a bit astonished to hear the news at first. Then dah! I realized it was April Fool's Day!

Anyway, when different sources confirmed the news for me, I had to carry out some investigation myself. It turned out to be that the revelation does not really refer to Bahrain of today (Awal) but rather refers to Ancient Bahrain which includes Awal (Bahrain), al-Khutt (Qatif), Hajr (Hasa/al-Ahsa) with the latter being the capital of Ancient Bahrain. The borders of Ancient Bahrain were vastly spread all over the western coast of the Persian gulf, from Basra (Iraq) to the emirates of the UAE. It was a great empire! I wish it still existed, because then we would be controlling over 40% of the world's Oil reserves and simply be the richest people on earth!

Good night.
H Ali

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Better to be a displaced Bahraini than a fine-fitted Bahraini.

Had we been the "promised land", we might've had less things to worry about ... It would've been quite easy for the Jews to come in, take over as a majority, and treat us like a respectful minority. At least we'd be one country.

Posted by Blogger Evil Odd @ 4/02/2005 10:22:00 AM #

I am astonished!!! Is that really true?

I was chatting to a French Jewish about the lasting conflict between Arabs and Jewish last night. During the discussion, he mentioned that Bahrain was nominated as a potential Jewish homeland. But I didn’t believe him and insisted that his information was incorrect otherwise I would have heard of it. I feel stupid now!.

There is also a second piece of information that he gave me but didn’t believe it. But if the first is correct the second could be correct too. He was talking about Sharon’s "Disengagement Plan": confiscation of property and forced transfer of thousands of Jewish civilians from Jewish-owned land, and communities in Gaza and the Shomron (Northern West Bank). He said that the plan consists of some orders that include arresting of Jewish demonstrators and jail protestors without trial for vocal opponents. Well, the interesting part was that one of the orders state of demolition of Jewish homes, communities, graveyards, synagogues in Jewish Settlements. [Sharon and Mofaz are now considering not demolishing them but giving the property as is to the PA because wealthy Arabs from BAHRAIN wish to pay billions to the PA for it].

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H Ali: what confused me is that Iqleem Albahrain or the Bahrain Province was broken up by the Portuguese in the 16th century I think, so how can they have proposed the Bahraini Province in 1917??

Odd A: Are you trying to say that you'd prefer Israeli occupation over Alkhalifa????

BBN: well i wouldn't be surprised the involvement of Gulf businessmen in Palestine after the emarati Alabbir openly declared a business venture of a similar nature.

Posted by Blogger Bahrania @ 4/02/2005 04:29:00 PM #

I'm not surprised that Bahrain could have been mentioned as a possible Zionist homeland. I'm sure there were a lot of places that anyone could have mentioned for it.

The real question is how serious and how persistent those talks were. Unless it came down to the final selections and were hotly debated, I really doubt that Bahrain's candidacy was more than parlor talk.

Additionally, this is after oil had been discovered, so I truly doubt that the world powers would have let it happen. Especially if you considered Iqleem Al Bahrain. Which did not HAVE to exist in order to maintain parlor talk candidacy.

Technically speaking, the Majlis Al Tawoon is built along the lines of IAB. We are culturally and philosophically united, just disjointed politically and economically. Yet combining of the powers do not necessarily guarantee that they will address those issues either.

I take the perspective that what unites us is longlasting and what divides us is a temporary inconvenience.

Posted by Blogger Desert Island Boy @ 4/02/2005 07:17:00 PM #

In actuality, the idea of Bahrain as the Jewish Homeland came about from a single letter from a Russian Jew.

There was in fact, no talks over this matter at all. Israel has always been the historic Jewish homeland, not Bahrain.

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