Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Anything to declare?

Yes, I blog. But i'm not gonna give you the website even if you tickled me to death (believe me that's the fastest and cleanest way).

Bloggers, my friends, you can diss - sorry "constructively criticize" whoever you want- your government, Uncle Sam, Auntie Hilda, ur mechanic, gardener or even your postman, just NOT your BOSS, as Joe Gordon found out when he got booted from his job for blogging negatively about his "Evil Boss".

Why would you tell you're boss about your blog anyway if the main aim is to rant about them...if ur gonna do that at least keep your identity undercover. SillyBahrainiGirl, be careful!... unless you really love your boss like I do...middle-aged bosses don't treat young girls too bad in my experience, and NO, not cos we offer extra-curricular services ;) My bosses have always been kind and encouraging...their office doors are always open, lending a listening ear to all my much so, that I even submitted his name for the Boss of the Year 2004. Since i'm in the office before everyone else, and am extremely productive, my bosses appreciate this by rewarding me with frequent bonuses and promotions.

(see, if you were clever, Mr Gordon, you would have used your blog to climb the ranks of Waterstones, and left bookshelving behind, instead of losing your livelihood).

I'm hoping here, that blogging might even become a career booster, ur boss might love your blog so much he might let you blog at work and your blog may feature as a link on the company's website. So to my friend who was asking me whether to put "Blogging" under their Extracurricular Activities section on their CV, my answer is NO, unless you actively change your blog's agenda to tow a pro-boss line.

The day might come, my friends who are wallowing on the lower end of the corporate structural hierarchy, where we can stand proudly, and declare to the rest of the company....that we blog!

Posted by BB @ 1/12/2005 04:15:00 PM

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Thanks for your concern ;)

Feel sorry for Joe though I don't see myself in a very different position if and when my bosses and my bossess' bossess uncover some of the mischief I have been up to on the www and take offence in it.

Will be able to go back to my painting then!! 

Posted by Silly Girl

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/12/2005 09:39:00 PM #

At least Joe has social security to fall back on. What do we have in Bahrain, have to start collecting Tin cansDid I forget to mention I love my boss. 

Posted by Bahrania

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/12/2005 11:50:00 PM #

Hahaha.. This is funny. I think blogging should be part of any developed countries constitution. This way, we'll have less insane people in the world.

But when it comes to blogging about your Boss {unless you're your own boss} talking about him/her behind his/her back and on top of that on the WWW would be disrespect - perhaps asking him/her to sign a release form would be good :) 

Posted by AainaA

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/13/2005 12:08:00 PM #

I was driving back from work today and this line flashed in my head: "Did I forget to mention I love my boss."

U serious?

I am seriously concerned now..not that it's my business.. it's just too silly a thing to do..even silly me would never ever mix business with pleasure...

Posted by Silly Girl

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/16/2005 11:29:00 PM #
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