Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Gerga3oon

Not quite the Ramadan we expected

In the middle day of Ramadan, it is general custom for kids to go out in the streets to celebrate and go 'trick or treating' around the neighbourhoods. The kids on the street today were protestors calling for the release of Abdulhadi Khawaja. They decided to knock on the Kings door:

Trick or treat?
Treat: Release Abdul Hadi Khawaja
Trick: Tear gas and rubber bullets, 21 people arrested and 2 seriously injured

Thanks King Hamad for choosing the trick.

Posted by Bahrania @ 10/30/2004 07:28:00 PM

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Abdul Hadi Khawaja needs to be released. However Abdul was aware that his comments would piss off the PM and most likely get him tossed in jail.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11/01/2004 09:05:00 PM #

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