Monday, November 01, 2004

Pink?!?! What was I thinking

It just hit me. I've got my very own blog. Hmmm its a new phase in life I guess - more time wasted on the net, more distractions, but I feel a funny sense of responsibility. Blogging is nakedness online, do I make up what I write for the sake of writing or shall it reflect what I really see and feel. I dont want people to know who I am, so where shall I draw the line? For me, I hope this blog will be a place to vent out my frustrations so that in real life i'm a nicer person. It'll save me alot of money on my shrink's invoices.

Its bizarre, it wasnt a precalculated move at all. I was online, decided to set up an account on blogspot, next thing I know I had to make up a nikname, 7alaylia came into my head spontaneously (although now i'm having second thoughts). Within the space of 5 minutes I became a 'blogger'. Next thing was the template. Im still trying to come to terms with the pink. Is there anyway I can change the colour without changing the whole template? The basic HTML I learnt on my undergrad multimedia module is finally being put to use. Im discovering that blogging is becoming an art in its own right. There are books written about blogging, and blogs which have been published into books. Havent read any of them. Im just trying to make sense of it myself as I go along.

Now time for the disclaimer. I dont have an agenda, but I have strong political beliefs, influenced by what I read, hear, and see on the ground. I know many people, been to many places, and active in many fields. All I can offer are my own down-to-earth views based on my worldview of things. I read everything and anything in pursuit of knoweledge, because knoweledge will lead to God. Always.

Posted by Bahrania @ 11/01/2004 04:25:00 PM

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This must be the weirdest day of my life. In an hour's time I have to go meet my boss - who sacked one of my collegues - and ask him for a bit of compassion. Two hours ago I realised that Chan'ad is an expat. Now I've found this site and Samarkand is listed as your favourite book.

Where on earth were you guys two years ago when I left Bahrain vowing never to come back?


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11/02/2004 10:58:00 PM #

Im an angel sent from above to rescue you from your despair. Bahrain is calling you back my friend.

Posted by Blogger Bahrania @ 11/03/2004 07:19:00 PM #

"Knowledge leads to God"? Don't think you'll find that's the case, at least where it comes to scientific knowledge. Unfortunately there's no scientific evidence to support the existence of God. Only in this part of the world (and in those States marked red in today's presidential vote) do people try and get away with this sort of stuff.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11/03/2004 11:14:00 PM #
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