Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Revolution is in the air!

It is the most apparant anti-imperialist manifestation to date. It was given minimal if not totally biased media coverage, but last Sunday's mass opposition rally in Beirut, must have been the largest mass mobilisation in Arabia for a long time. Over two million lebanese called for a national unity government. At least there still seems to be some breath in the dying arab nationalist horse, whether you ideologically agree or not, this could be a turning point, hopefully we will see others raise the above banner against corruption, imperialist collusion, and dictatorship in this antagonistic part of the world.

Christians shoulder to shoulder with muslims - chador-clad women carrying a banner of the Christian leader, "Awn for president".

Power in unity and alliance, Hizbollah alongside Amal, alongside the Christian Maronite Awn movement, altayyar alwatani alhurr, and I don't know what Pi is ?

Niktat Marjaiyoun and hence the cups of tea are referring to "Minister of ping-pong" Ahmed Fatfat who served tea to Israeli troops when they invaded the southern town of Marjaiyoun.

One protestor was holding this picture of Johnson's baby shampoo, he dedicated it to the very tearful and sensitive Prime Minister "boohoo" Siniora who broke into tears everytime the war was mentioned - he defintely needs this special "لا دموع بعد اليوم" formula.

Posted by BB @ 12/12/2006 03:00:00 PM

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And I thought the headline was referring to our new cabinet. mr.

Posted by Blogger MR @ 12/13/2006 11:43:00 PM #

I love Baby JOHnson:P I love the idea itself. La tears from today:)

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/10/2007 03:45:00 PM #

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