Friday, November 17, 2006

Constitutional Fallacy

...constitutional monarchy? Self-appointed monarch and self-written consitution I agree.

There is no room in Bahrain for genuine dissent. As long as you keep your views within the confines of a given political margin set according to some screwed up monarchial barometer you will be ok. This margin is set by laws promulgated through royal decrees. Over the last few years the most dangerous of laws have been set this way, laws banning group gatherings, press freedoms, impunity of former officials, societies laws, terrorism laws and now the banning of any debate/publications on Albandar. Two activists arrested last night in a printing shop whilst collecting a print order of a publication calling for the boycott of the upcoming elections were arrested and charged under new terrorism laws that can carry the death penalty.

Quite frankly i'm dismayed that some still use the word 'democracy' or 'reform' in our country, Bahrain is the anti-thesis if there ever was one. Certainly, its a fallacious argument one that is built on repetition, if you repeat these two words enough times it becomes fact. Political discourse in the media set directly by the Ministry of Information in uncanny Orwellian fashion is quite sickening. The existing parliament is about as significant as my university's debating society, and at least we have a credibly fair Chairman. But let us not, the free-thinkers of us, regurgitate this fallacy. As things have progressed, I have come to believe that self-serving proponents of this fallacy are not just the usual suspects, but the bourgoisie and the religious establishment. To me this has been the most disillusioning. I don't expect much from the top dog, but I expected more from these two. The topic of Bahrain's mediocre bourgoise and faltering religious establishment will be discussed another time. They got our Bishops (the clerics), Knights (the bourgoisie) and Rooks (the political societies), and our pawns are scattered as each unashamedly chases a worthless parliamentary seat.

Its Check, but hopefully not Checkmate yet.

Time for a pawn or two to block the attack. Join the rally calling for investigation into Bandargate today.

Release Dr Mohammed Saeed NOW.

Posted by BB @ 11/17/2006 04:59:00 PM

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