Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bahrain to Beit Hanoun

Poster made for Al-Quds rally 20th October 2006 (click to enlarge)

By all standards I did not expect this poster to be considered a 'threat to the regime' in Bahrain. But when my friend got hauled into the back of a police car, cautioned and threatened with arrest should he dare to be so 'unpatriotic' ever again someone obviously doesn't want these facts publicised. I took this photo just before it got confiscated.

This poster shows a photo of Sheikh Hamad shaking Shimon Perez's hand, an article that quotes the Crown Prince telling Perez that, "the day is not far when you could visit us and we could visit you" and the Bahraini head of the UN General assembly boasting her regular meetings with Israeli officials.

It is almost impossible to reconcile or justify such stances with the horrific situation going on in Palestine today. Hamad et al provide the legitimacy to the Israeli state with their silence, secret deals as thousands are killed in Palestine, and an entire elected government held under seige and undermined.

However regurgative this topic may seem, images will forever resonate in arab collective consciousness:

The blood of innocents is on all their hands.

Posted by BB @ 11/09/2006 05:24:00 PM