Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Faces of Ashoora

Outside Matam Zabar 7th Muharram

Marching band, renewing a musical tradition

Unfortunately I managed to get to the candle just as it burnt out. Measuring 73 metres in length this candle entered the Guiness Book of Records, in addition, 6000 males called Hussain had the pleasure of lighting the candles. 10th night of Muharram.

Ba9mat alwalaa2 lalhussain.... a world record number of fingerprints on a banner that reads "labayka ya hussain" which will be sent to Karbala

Posted by BB @ 2/23/2005 03:31:00 AM

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Hey girl!
Glad to see you up and kicking too !

Posted by Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl @ 2/24/2005 08:58:00 AM #

Thanks for posting photos!

Posted by Blogger sume @ 2/24/2005 03:45:00 PM #

the pics are fab ,,,

Posted by Blogger Preternatural_aL @ 2/26/2005 09:55:00 AM #

hey these are incredible, may I swipe em?

Posted by Blogger Leila M. @ 3/01/2005 06:16:00 PM #

Sure, as amateur as they maybe, its my pleasure.

Posted by Blogger Bahrania @ 3/01/2005 07:03:00 PM #

Masha2alla very nice pictures it's nice to see how ashura is in different countries keep up the good work!

LAbayka ya hussein

Posted by Blogger Princess @ 12/27/2009 11:55:00 PM #
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