Friday, February 11, 2005

رحم الله امرئ عرف قدر نفسه

I feel I have been severly under-utilizing this blog space for ranting and raving, hence this post will attempt to boost my rant-ratings and also get something off my chest that has been brewing for a long time.

Men are better than women when it comes to number-crunching and most quantitative sciences. Biology, medicine, geography don't count. Thats a fact in my book. I don't have time to be politically correct on this issue.Yes, it is a gender-stereotype- who cares. I've been around long enough in the sciences to see that it is true. Thanks to the President of Harvard university for coming out and also expressing women's "innate inability" in this field, although i don't think that if a woman were to come out and say the same thing, half as much controversy would be caused. Feminists- eat your hearts out.

I study in male-dominated environment. The only thing the odd female secratary is good for is boosting the gender equality ratings. Ok so there are exceptions, like the double-D lecturer who gets the highest turnouts in her seminars and also has a brain, the rest of the women with moustaches don't count.

Anyway, its really bugging me that I have to struggle to grapple with theories that the opposite sex can regurgitate instantaneously. I'm really getting sick of these nerds who read the material once and never need to read it a second time. Guys are just 'quicker on the ball', thats just the way they're genetically programmed. They read a book cover to cover in a few hours and have managed to retain 80% of the information. It takes me like a few days to read the same book, with 20 coffee breaks, and re-reading the page ten times, and i'm still only a quarter through. When I take a book back to the library, it is in tatters.

Another thing, I need a pen and paper when I do my calculations otherwise I totally get lost half way through. Unfortunately, i've just come to realise that i'm in a field where you're not allowed a pen and paper- you're supposed to think 'spontaneosly'. Well, since im innately unable to do so, then if i don't get given that pen and paper, I think this would qualify as sex discrimination. Otherwise, I'm incorrectly construed as slow and dumb.

The sadder thing is, if I were to measure my own progress compared to other women's, it would be outstanding! But if I were to compare my progress to my male counterparts, it is pathetic. The thing is, all I have is the latter benchmark to compare to at the moment, so as you can tell, im really depressed. I'm always lagging and trying to catch up.

At last I realise the source of my ignorance - a genetic predisposition. I think if I repeat the last sentence enough times I might actually start believing it.


Posted by BB @ 2/11/2005 01:18:00 AM

Read or Post a Comment does that explain why my brother is mathematically more competent than me and all my sisters although we received the same education, were raised in the same environment, and have been exposed to the same things throughout our life!! tototo!

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come on, youre just having a bad day, you were so much better than me in class,  

Posted by Changaize

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