Monday, November 29, 2004

Bahrain blogging revolution??

Seems that blogging is taking a new turn in Bahrain. Like their Kuwaiti counterparts who seem miles ahead on the blogging scene in terms of quantity (quality I doubt!), blogging in Bahrain is taking a new leap on two fronts. Firstly, another flashy site by Mahmood called Bahrainiblogs, which I havent had time to check out, in its launch phase, seems promising although I can't quite figure out how its going to work. Looks more like a forum, but too early to judge.

Secondly, and more importantly, the move towards blogging in arabic, which I am more interested in. The reality of the matter, is that the current english blogs cater for a very limited audience, and offer the view of a Western-educated elite, which is simply not representative. Homer seems to have taken the first step into switching or experimenting with arabic at least. There is also a new blog by Ali Abdulemam, a young professional, written completely in arabic, which shall provide another welcome glance into Bahrain. By doing this, I hope that blogging catches on with the mainstream non-english speaking internet users in which they will discover a whole new world. When this is achieved, only then can I conclude that we have our very own blogging revolution in Bahrain.

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ive been readin up the bahraini bloggin' seen recently... reminds me of the early days of ICQ and similar chatograms

...quality over quantity... bahraini blogs r gr8, hope they stay that way

seems like a good replacement in comparison to the dull conversations we have with characters online nowadays... hmmmm


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