Thursday, April 26, 2007

There is only one piece of news really worth mentioning today. The Queen of England is an Arsenal supporter.
"صاحبة الجلالة كانت مولعة بالأرسنال على مدار أكثر من 50 عاماً، كما كانت الملكة الأم مولعة كذلك بحب الأرسنال".كما أن حفيد الملكة "الأمير هاري" 22 عاماً كان قد أبدى حبه للأرسنال

That is seriously great news. There's definitely been a spring in my step since I read that this morning. I don't know what will happen to me if I found out the Queen's favourite chocolate bar is Kit Kat. That might just be a tad too overwhelmining to handle.

Posted by BB @ 4/26/2007 01:39:00 PM

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Sniff Sniff ;) The queen and I have something in common now

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