Monday, February 26, 2007

Once Upon a Time in Iran

An interesting documentary aired on the 28th anniversary of the Iranian revolution on how the tragedy of Karbala and Hussaini philosophy influences Iranians today.

I liked the irony, something which I've always noticed and thought was portrayed quite well in the video. The young beardless dude with the pretty wife with peroxide highlights and the mother with a fag hanging off her lips doesnt exactly epitomise religious adherance, however the passion and devotion to Imam Hussain seems to transcends this. The scene in the service station where they talk and joke of martyrdom like people relishing the thought of bungi jumping in cape town or something is ironic knowing the very real calamaties that could be awaiting them in Iraq, and the twist being that they are all going voluntarily. Some watching this might think it is orientalist romantisization, but i'd like to reassure that it is very real. My grandparents late last year waited on the Iraqi-Jordanian border for four days as border control refused to let them enter because of the dangerous security situation. I was quite shocked at what I thought was my grandparents complete oblivion to a raging bloody war that was killing thousands, but it just turned out that they didn't care. They literally went there with the worst case scenario in mind, that if we die it might as well be here and it might as well be for Imam Hussain. In fact I can't help but tease them about how disappointing it is that after a month long stay they came back alive.

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I don't like that mentality. It's very common here in the UAE. People throwing their lives in jeopardy thinking that if they die, they would have died for a good cause.

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wayesh?? yalla .. ma fee post min zaman laysh?

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Get your act together will you? A few posts and you'll be rolling again..

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