Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Disobedient 'slaves'

Slavery still exists in all shapes and forms, especially in the Gulf, except we call it a 'migrant labour force'. New type of de facto slave is the one 'bought' and in return is expected to give absolute allegience and loyalty according to particular tribal mentality that governs and dictates so.

Our country needs more Jawhers and Albandars to revolt against their paymasters. Nothing irks them [the powers that be] more than a 'disobedient zanji slave' as they see it, ultimate treachory and betrayal of people perceived to be disposable. I can just hear them saying, "for god's sake we even gave you a hardcore bedoin name like Jawher you ungrateful *******".

If it is patriotism that drives you to go scouting for Kenyan athletes, Syrian singers, Sudani advisors, Egyptian judges, Jordanian constitution-writers, Yemeni policemen to displace local natives in these positions, then it is my patriotic duty that drives me to rejoice at each backslap you get in the hope you will come to the realisation that ultimately we all lose.

Note: this may sound like some right-wing nationalistic anti-immigration diatribe. It is (until the rule of law returns to this lost land of disfunctionality).

Posted by BB @ 1/09/2007 04:28:00 PM

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Isn't this what the frenzy of illegal immigration all about? Absolute alliegance in exchange for a diminishing chance of a better life?

Go on babbling girl for what you say is sadly true! At the end of the day, the powers that be fail to recognize that both natives and naturalized citizens (legal and otherwise) will feel the ill-effects of this fiasco and will react with disobediance and discontent.

Posted by Blogger Gardens of Sand @ 2/03/2007 02:00:00 AM #
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