Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Papparazi Bahrania

Having lunch earlier on, I quickly took this shot of Steve Job, founder of Apple sitting on the table next to us. I had a good mind to go up to him and tell him I dont think the ipod is gona last 2 years.

Steve Job

And it really is him, as verified by this description in an article I found online:

Everyone knows Parisians are snobs. So it probably shouldn't have come as a surprise that an unshaven, middle-aged American, speaking English and dressed in cuffed jeans, sneakers, and a worn black T-shirt, was rudely turned away from the bar at a lavish fete inside Paris's Musee d'Orsay on September 16, 2003.

Except that the man was Steven P. Jobs, the cofounder and chief executive of Apple Computer Inc.

Ok Ok, big deal...sorry, i just wanted to prove to myself that it is useful carrying your camera everywhere, shame I didn't have it when I bumped into Madonna, Hugh Grant, and D-list like Jordan, Rebecca Loos and a host of arab celebs. This week the sequel to Basic Instinct is being filmed in my uni, wohooo, i'll keep an eye out for Sharon Stone... i really think i have a budding future in the paparazzi...there is a gem of a photo i'm hiding of an arab popstar in a charity concert whose brief appearance on stage exposed more than just a bad voice.. now where do i go to sell this photo?

Posted by BB @ 5/25/2005 10:29:00 PM

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LOL, girl is there a place that buys photos of the backs of famous people? And I thought you were just taking up a new hobby.

Posted by Blogger sume @ 5/25/2005 11:42:00 PM #

u've got a point... had i been a pro i would have pretended to go to the toilet and coming out of the toilet and facing him directly taken a quick snap full frontal... oh well..

Posted by Blogger Bahrania @ 5/26/2005 01:31:00 AM #

You're telling me that that guy has been wearing his cuffed jeans, and black t-shirt since 2003!?!

Posted by Blogger Evil Odd @ 5/26/2005 03:12:00 AM #

Hi,Bahrainia,coming here via Al's blog...nice post,this one..And,yes,I wish u'd taken a frontal pic of the Apple,err,the founder of Apple,I mean.:)

Posted by Blogger AmitL @ 5/26/2005 06:21:00 AM #

He claims he wears blue jeans, black turtlenecks and New Balance sneakers every day because he doesn't like to waste time thinking what to wear every morning.

Posted by Blogger muscati @ 5/26/2005 08:50:00 AM #

he is a nerd...u can just imagine his wardrobes...a wardrobe with black t-shirts of every shade, ranging from dark wornout grey to saturated black and a wardrobe of jeans of all shades.. i tried eavesdropping on the conversation with the big antennas I have hidden under my headscarf but the place was too crowded and noisy...

personally i was more interested in the table next to his with 5 lebanese women who looked like they've just stepped out of Desperate Housewives film set...

people-watching is such a fun activity

Posted by Blogger Bahrania @ 5/26/2005 12:56:00 PM #

lol. I see this guy twice or three times a year.

If you want to take a picture of a celeb or even to get his/her contact you will need to open a conversation with him/her first. Rule number one, DONT show them u will die to talk to them. These people see a lot of fans everyday.So u will need to show them that u r different.

When you see Charon stone, shout at her from a distance and say: I heard u dont like Moslim women. What r u doing here?. She would definitly come and talk to u. In the worst case, her body guards will throw up out :P
But seriously, this work. That what I do to approach a celeb.

btw, dont forget to get her number. Af far as i know she is single at the moment ;)

Posted by Blogger Bahraini by nature @ 5/26/2005 03:56:00 PM #

haha i love it, you sound like a pro B Nature... that would TOTALLY get you in. and Bahrania, honey, if you see the Apple guy again, get him to give you a free computer for me :) haha i saw 2 guys from Boys2Men today it was wierd... i saw the skinny one with the beard, and the one with the big lips. that's close as i've gotten to a celebrity in a long time :)

Posted by Blogger bananazone @ 5/27/2005 06:46:00 AM #

Parisians snob? Nah... we're just different, or didn't you know that Paris reflects Venus, and thus reflects... the Beauty of Hu ;-)

Posted by Blogger AA @ 6/11/2005 08:48:00 AM #

Great post..Well you lucky to get a shot of someone tto be famouse..I wish I get that chance

Posted by Blogger iamnasra @ 7/27/2005 10:53:00 PM #

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