Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A source tells me there is a field in thepassport/ID database system which says "compulsory airport security check". I now know the extensive airport searches are NOT a coincidence. It's always baffled me, that in at least the area of Intelligence we are unsurpassed. Our intelligence machine is the most sophisticated in the world, no expenses spared, the latest technology of smart cards and biometric identifying systems as well as the latest in surveillance technology. I don't know about you but I boast about this everywhere I go.

(Not online, excerpt from magazine) Interviewer: What's the most surreal situation you've been in?
Will.i.am: Sheikh Abdullah flying me out to Bahrain from Brazil. We landed and went to the motor racing. Plus being in the Sheikh's studio in his palace in the middle of this desert island, when two days ago I was in the favelas with the planet's poorest people.

Maybe you would have found it even more surreal if he'd bothered to take you to the other side of the island where our own 'favelas' are crammed into the same land mass as your host's palace.

My mother's cooking. A very useful site for this time of year! Hope she gets on with desserts soon.